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We wanted to become more than just a Selling Platform.

You might not able see it from what we have done now, but……

Rather than selling the product by ourselves, we wanted provide a platform for personal shopper to provide their services. We wanted to make consumer to have easier way to looking the overseas product in the fastest and secure way without searching for whether who is at overseas now.

Next, we are going to listing all the personal shopper who are currently overseas in the website, where are they now, when will they be back and shipping back the item. So when clicked in to their pages, you will be able to buy the product they listed instantly.

But this is not only just about it, we are also going to develop a live stream features for those shopper who are overseas now to introduce the product to you and even recommend some tourist attraction or accommodation to you. So when login to our website/app, you will see who are live now and based on the video they performed to decide which product or who you going to buy with.

But this is not going to happened without your support. We hope to become a Malaysia’s proudly and successful platform and to expend to SouthEast Asia.

You might not able see it from what we have done now, but your support is definitely the biggest motivation to us to go across all the challenges and execute it to make it come true.

One click, one likes, one share, one recommendation, one review, one purchase or even a feedback, it’s mean so much to us.

If you have any suggestion, please email to We will read and reply.


(You might wonder what was the picture above related to this, it was my last vacation in 3 years ago. A solo trip in Taiwan, it reminds me what’s brings me here.   – Founder – )

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